Halloween Candy Board


My husband and I wanted to do something fun and creative for our date night at home this past weekend while binge-watching “Bodyguard” on Netflix starring “Game of Thrones” alum, Richard Madden (wink wink). A must-see by the way!

We’re huge fans of creating charcuterie and cheese boards. Imagine the sugary goodness that is a candy board. We up’d the ante from a cheese board to a sweet tooth’s best friend.

Choosing the right board was easy because I own quite a few. Marble slabs are the best. Everything looks aesthetically pleasing on a white surface. An array of sugary, chewy, gummies and chocolates were selected with different colors, textures and flavors. Being adventurous with your candy makes Halloween taste better. We pre-arranged candies and chocolates in dishes, bowls and glasses for easy grabbing. The art of plating was a treat to enjoy.

Now feast your eyes on this wickedly delicious soirée…


Photography | Kim Khan

Food Prep/Styling | Pat Solarino & Kim Khan

Candies | Sugarfina, YumEarth, Annie’s, Target & Whole Foods

Marble Slab | Home Goods


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